We’re here to help. Here are some commonly asked questions by our providers.

What makes blynq different from other data sharing solutions?

blynq's Community Health Management Platform aggregates clinical data so providers have a single view of patient information at the point of care.

Today, providers must deal with Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and constantly transfer information between systems. This is frustrating because most EMRs can only accept documents and not structured information from other systems, making it less helpful. blynq gives providers easy access to information resulting in better clinical decisions.

I am starting up a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). Can blynq be used to help me?

Absolutely - blynq helps connect all independent providers for easy information sharing and improved care coordination. For an IT Director trying to build a community ecosystem, blynq does the heavy lifting of connecting disparate providers' systems, while giving your physicians a tool that they will gladly use daily.

Getting doctors to use anything new is hard. Why do doctors love blynq?

We created blynq to create an amazing user experience for physicians and care providers. We constantly hear from doctors about patient data frustration and the antiquated EMR systems they must work with.

Doctors using blynq love the simplicity and the power of information it provides to them.

Do I have to replace my EMRs in order to use blynq?

Not at all. In fact, you can continue to use your existing EMRs within your facility. You've already built your workflow around your selected EMR - there's no reason to change. Instead, we give providers the ability to access a consolidated patient record of information - from the across the community and across EMRs.

Do I have to create custom interfaces for this to work?

In most cases, no. blynq partners with leading EMR vendors taking advantage of their built-in integration pathways (APIs). When we use these APIs, we do not need integration with your individual EMR system - we just need your permission to integrate your clinic with blynq. For EMRs that do not have APIs, we may require a data feed from your hospital or ambulatory system. The interfaces we require are the standard ones that every EMR vendor provides today, and that you probably already have built.

Can I have just a subset of my doctors use blynq, or is it an all or nothing?

Because our software is scalable, you can have as many or as few physicians as you would like using blynq. Many of our clients start off with a smaller set of users as a staged rollout. But we'll warn you. Once physicians start using it, they'll tell their colleagues quickly.

How long does it take to get started?

If your hospital or clinic has an EMR that we have API integrations with, we can have you setup in less than two weeks. If we need to have a direct interface with your facility, we can typically get you connected within two weeks of the interface being turned on.

Sounds great, but how much does it cost? Upfront and ongoing?

There is no upfront cost to use blynq. We do not charge set-up fees to get blynq live in your facility. We charge a small per user fee each month for as long as a provider is active with us.

Thank you! Soon we'll be in touch!