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Collard Named EVOQ CEO

ATLANTA, Oct. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — EVOQ Medical today announced Dan Collard as Chief Executive Officer, assuming day-to-day responsibilities for operations and continuing a focus on growth by catalyzing EVOQ’s early momentum, furthering the company’s mission to deliver and leverage technology to improve healthcare for providers, patients and payors. An accomplished executive with 25 years in […]

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Waste not, Want Not

Patients WANT to receive good care… Physicians WANT to provide exceptional care… Then why do we still have the debate raging about wasting our physicians’ time with all the “advances” made in technology and medicine?  Why do we talk about evidence-based practices when, in fact, an abundance of evidence (both past and present) indicates that […]

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First Do No Harm 2.0

I spent the last two days in the presence of a physician group as they struggled through the go-live of a new electronic health record system, which shall remain unidentified. To be clear, this is not an commentary about EHR’s…its about how little we’ve learned through the past several years of work around meaningful use and […]

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“Happy Doctors’ Day”…or “Thanks for the Other 364”?

As a newcomer to healthcare in the mid-90’s there were a number of things that either confused or amused me about my new profession. These included the circumstances like hospitals focusing on getting “really good every three years” when The Joint Commission was due to visit. I also remember the fever pitch of activity around […]

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Costs of the best healthcare in the world pt. III

How we deliver quality healthcare One of the greatest challenges facing our healthcare system today is delivering quality health outcomes at a reasonable cost.  As highlighted in the last post, we are collecting a lot of data – a high quantity – as physicians are spending an average of 48 minutes per day entering data into […]

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Costs of the best healthcare in the world pt. II

How we speed up our healthcare delivery system Last post we briefly looked at our encumbered state of healthcare, with nearly half of our medical records missing in EHR databases. We posed the question of whether healthcare can truly be delivered if the provider has an incomplete picture of our medical history. However, it’s not just […]

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Costs of the best healthcare in the world

How the US stacks up with the rest of the world Health care in the United States is among the best in the world. Our physicians receive intensive, internationally recognized training and stay current on the changing healthcare landscape. Our hospitals have access to novel medical devices and technologies, as well as clinical findings from […]

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Learn about blynq in 30 seconds!

Here’s our new explainer video where you can learn about blynq in 30 seconds.  Of course, I know you’ll want to know more, so make sure you reach out to us!  Or, click on the Contact Us link and we’ll get with you.

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Welcome to Our New Home!

Welcome! Our new website is now live! We’ll be adding more content to our blog in the days and weeks to come, as we grow and continue to disrupt the way healthcare works (or doesn’t work today). So stay tuned!

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